• Family, Aventure
  • 1h 40m

This film is available from April 25, 7 p.m. to April 26, 7 p.m.; available for 30 hours once playback has started.

Please remember to view the fantastic Q&A’s with actors and directors located below in Bonus Content

U.S. Premiere

At only 11 years, Jim is a gifted boy passionate about space and science. Arriving in a new town with his dad, Jim has to participate in a young scientist competition with his new classmate Emma, a sensitive and discreet girl. Despite her reluctance, Jim convinces her to imitate Kittinger’s ‘Excelsior’ project (first man to reach the frontier of space in 1960) and to build secretly a real air balloon. This calling comes from his father, Graham, an astrophysicist who was meant to carry out a space mission very soon. Since Jim’s mother died, this project is very important to him. But when he discovers Graham has given up without telling him, his world falls apart. The competition turns into an obsession and Jim wants to prove unlike his father that he won’t give up. Jim pushes Emma to her limits and drags her into an adventure which is going to bring them closer.


The Ecole

Wallonie-Bruxelle International NY

SPACEBOY Facts Challenge Game: download the 1Huddle app on your smartphone to get started (use code “FFF WEB”). Use this link to play on your computer.


Annabella Nezri


Olivier Pairoux








Kwassa Films, LevelK

Bonus Content

Q&A with Olivier Pairoux and The Ecole parents Richard and Laeticia Garriott de Cayeux

Interview with Spaceboy Director, Olivier Pairoux and The Ecole parents Richard and Laeticia Garriott de Cayeux. Moderator: joe mayers, Director of Programming.

Q&A with Albane Masson and Basile Grunberger

Interviews of Albane Masson and Basile Grunberger by the 6 graders. Presented by The École.

Live Zoom at BE Chocolat: celebrating Belgium cinema and Olivier Pairoux

Live Zoom at BE Chocolat to celebrate Belgium cinema and Olivier Pairoux.